The Best Fishing Spots and Tournaments in Cap Cana

Cap Cana, a luxurious destination in the Dominican Republic, is not only known for its pristine beaches and upscale resorts but also for its world-class fishing spots. For anglers, both novice and experienced, Cap Cana offers a fishing experience like no other. From deep-sea fishing to exciting tournaments, let’s dive into the aquatic world of Cap Cana.

Cap Cana’s Prime Fishing Spots

Marina Cap Cana: The Gateway to Deep Sea Fishing

Marina Cap Cana is often the starting point for many fishing adventures. Known for its deep waters filled with a variety of fish species, it’s a haven for those looking to catch marlin, tuna, or mahi-mahi. Charter a boat, hire a local guide, and set sail into the deep blue.

Caleton Beach Club: Coastal Fishing Delight

For those who prefer staying closer to the shore, Caleton Beach Club offers excellent coastal fishing opportunities. The waters here are teeming with snapper, grouper, and barracuda. Plus, the scenic backdrop of the beach makes the experience even more memorable.

Punta Espada: Fishing with a View

While Punta Espada is primarily known for its golf course, the surrounding waters offer some great fishing spots. The rocky outcrops and underwater structures attract a variety of fish, making it a favorite spot for many anglers.

Cap Cana’s Fishing Tournaments: Where Competition Meets Fun

The Cap Cana International Billfish Tournament

Held annually, this is one of the most anticipated fishing tournaments in Cap Cana. Attracting participants from all over the world, the tournament focuses on catching and releasing billfish, primarily marlin. With big prizes and even bigger thrills, it’s an event not to be missed.

The White Marlin Classic

Another highlight in Cap Cana’s fishing calendar, the White Marlin Classic, is all about strategy and skill. Participants compete to catch the elusive white marlin, and the atmosphere is electric with excitement.

The Cap Cana Classic

A more recent addition to the tournament scene, the Cap Cana Classic, has quickly gained popularity. Open to both professionals and amateurs, the tournament offers various categories, ensuring everyone has a fair shot at glory.

Tips for Fishing in Cap Cana

  • Hire a Local Guide: Local guides know the waters of Cap Cana like the back of their hand. They can take you to the best spots and even share some fishing secrets.
  • Check the Seasons: While fishing is a year-round activity in Cap Cana, certain fish species are more prevalent during specific months. Do a quick check before planning your trip.
  • Pack Right: Sunscreen, hats, and comfortable clothing are a must. If you’re deep-sea fishing, consider motion sickness pills.
  • Respect the Rules: Many tournaments and fishing spots in Cap Cana promote catch and release to ensure sustainability. Always respect the local rules and guidelines.


Cap Cana is a dream destination for those who love fishing. With its diverse marine life, excellent fishing spots, and thrilling tournaments, it promises an unmatched experience. Whether you’re looking to catch the big one, compete with fellow anglers, or simply enjoy a day out in the sea, Cap Cana has got you covered. So, gear up and get ready for a fishing adventure of a lifetime in this Caribbean paradise.

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